A meeting of the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine took place at Kyiv Mohyla School of Law on March 1st. The Association’s members are legal clinics established at Ukraine’s schools of law. Membership in the Association is voluntary. More about Legal Clinics

The meeting focused on the expansion of legal clinics throughout Ukraine.  It defined the role of such centers in providing much needed pro-bono legal service to needy individuals.  Vitaliy A. Yelov, of the Law Center “Ad Astra” at the Law School of Lesia Ukrainka National University of Volyn, was elected as head of the Association. Victor P. Yanyshen, director of the Law Clinic of the National University of Yaroslav Mudryj Law Academy of Ukraine, was elected as chairman of the board of directors consisting of six attorneys.

Kyiv Mohyla School of Law serves many individuals on a pro-bono basis. The Kyiv Mohyla Legal Clinic was established in 2001 to provide students the opportunity to earn legal experience by providing free legal consultations to needy individuals. Participating students are selected on a competitive basis, receive specialized training, and work under the direction of practicing attorneys.

The Legal Clinic provides pro-bono legal service in areas of protection of constitutional freedoms and rights; civil law, family law, labor law and social services law; legal regulation of commercial and investment activity; protection of the rights of youths; and other legal matters. The Legal Clinic also hosts conferences, seminars, and training workshops on the topic of clinical education, and engages in other activities related to the legal needs of the community.

Dr. Andriy Meleshevch, Dean of Kyiv Mohyla School of Law and Professor of Law and Politics, earned his law degree from Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University School of Law. After completing his studies in law, Dr. Meleshevych worked as attorney at the Kyiv District Attorney’s Office. He then moved to the United States, where he earned his Master’s and PhD degrees from Syracuse University in Political Science in the United States. While in the United States, he held positions as Chairman of the International Studies Program at Allegheny College, Assistant Professor, Professor in International Studies and Political Science at Allegheny College, and Instructor of Political Science at Syracuse University. In 2005 Dr. Meleshevych returned to Ukraineand became the Dean of the Law School at NaUKMA. Dr. Meleshevych is the author of articles and scholarly works on various legal topics. During his tenure as dean, he has lead the university’s law school with a vision toward educational reform and training for the practice of law based on international standards, he invited Ukrainian and international legal scholars to the faculty, with a commitment to the rule of law and transparency in governance in Ukraine.

Graduates of the Kyiv Mohyla School of Law have become successful jurists and attorneys in law firms, corporations, organizations, government agencies, and academic institutions. Alumni of the law school have successfully represented National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy on a pro-bono basis in various legal cases related to university autonomy, academic freedom, and property disputes. They are active in the university’s Alumni Association.

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