A Round Table on “Presentation of Ukraine Abroad  Through Literature – A Positive Experience”, will be held on March 22, at the Kyiv Mohyla Tatiana and Omelan Antonovych Library, in collaboration with the Kyiv Mohyla School of Journalism.

The discussion will focus on the successful presentation of Ukraine through national book publications at the Leipzig Book Fair, a major event for the publishing and media sector of Germany and Europe. The main focus last year in Leipzig was on literature from Poland, Ukraine and Belarus.  Under the heading “Tranzyt”, the fair introduced interesting but still largely unknown Central and Eastern European authors.The participants also discussed the presentation of Ukraine’s publications at the Paris Book Festival and the Festival of European Literature of Cognac. Kyiv Mohyla University Publishing House and Library participated at the European book fairs.

Participants at the Round Table include Martin Pollack, renowned German journalist, translator, writer and curator; Serhiy Zhadan, author and member of the Ukrainian delegation; Oleksandra Koval, president of “Forum Vydavtsiv” and organizer of the Ukrainian Stand at the Leipzig Book Fair; and Olesya Ostrovska, project manager of the “Dynamic Culture” project sponsored by Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation “Development of Ukraine”.  Irina Slavinska, the moderator of the program, is a well-known journalist, TV presenter and literary critic at TVi.

Partnering with National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy are the non-governmental organizations “Forum Vydavtsiv”, and ELEKS Software Company from Lviv, Ukraine’s largest IT firm, servicing national and international corporations in software development, outsourcing and information technology consulting.

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