On January 7, the Regional Administrative Court in Kyiv rendered a decision in favor of the Ministry of Education, supporting the Ministry’s position prohibiting  students from choosing their own fields of study by cancelling the ability to “cross-over” to elective master’s programs,  a policy considered an encroachment on the educational process in which students shape their own learning trajectory, and a violation of the Bologna Agreement which the government of Ukraine signed based on educational models implemented throughout the world.

Serhiy Kvit, president of Kyiv Mohyla Academy stated: “The legal action we undertook on January 3, seeks to prevent the Ministry’s policy of isolation, unification, and brutal central control of higher education, and to protect the public and the national interest by raising the quality of Ukrainian universities and improving their competitiveness in the international arena.  Kyiv Mohyla Academy will appeal this ruling to a higher court.  This is one of many steps in the process of building a civil society and protecting Ukraine’s institutions from political interference in education.  We are confident that we will prevail and that the people of Ukraine, and the international community supports our position.”

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