ramenaThe Kyiv Mohyla Academy Research Center of Sacred Culture sponsored an exhibit of Ukrainian icons from December 20 to January 10, held at the Kyiv Mohyla Olena Zamostjan Gallery.  The exhibit features icons reflecting the styles influenced by specific versions of Byzantine art that developed in Ukraine through revolution and evolution, creating a tradition that incorporated the sacred and mystic elements of icons through centuries of political and religious strife, drawing from Orthodox and Catholic faiths, as well as legends and folklore.

The curator of the exhibit is Dmytro Hordytsia.  Dmytro Hordytsia, born in Bukovyna, graduated from the Kosiv College of Applied and Decorative Arts and received his Master’s degree at the Lviv National Academy of Arts in Painting and Restoration at the Department of Sacred Art. He is the Director of the Center of Sacred Culture at Kyiv Mohyla Academy.


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