Kyiv Mohyla Academy students participate in a panel of experts on security and defense, including Glen Grant (moderator) and students of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University, the Diplomatic Academy and NGO representatives are part of a brainstorming and strategizing group on ways of overcoming the current crisis in the conflict areas of Eastern Ukraine. Their work includes three sections:

ONE – General tactics used against Ukraine in violation of international law and moral standards

- Involve civilians to maximize the effective and efficient achievement of objectives;

- Focus on the civilian population for a maximum impact on decisions and actions;

- Use bribery, propaganda and terror to encourage people to fight against their countrymen;

- Conduct operations in crowded areas, creating an immediate threat to the lives of the population including children.

TWO – Response of the Government of Ukraine

At all levels the government must be in agreement on strategy and action that reflect the following:

- The people and the Government of Ukraine jointly oppose criminal and aggressive actions of the Russian Federation that violate international law and the Constitution and laws of Ukraine;

- Illegally occupied territories and controlled by terrorists must be returned;

- Action by Ukraine’s government should support and complement international pressure and sanctions on the Russian Federation.

THREE – appropriate strategic actions to be implemented

- Restate Ukraine’s sovereignty and immutability of borders: Uniform application of law to all citizens; determine the conditions and roadmap for the restitution of Crimea as an autonomous, demilitarized, multi-region with renewed authority.

- Support the development of a single consolidating national identity, nationhood and a common vision of the future by involving public and private institutions, civil society, a national debate;

- Transform the police as a primary state law enforcement agency, through professionalism, transparency of operations to create public confidence;

- Create a safe environment for the population and establish security mechanisms;

- Establish equal justice in Eastern Ukraine and other parts of the country under one judicial system;

- Create the necessary capacity for protection of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, without a conflict of interests among security services, police and ministry.

- Elaborate and implement regional policies of economic and social modernization in Eastern Ukraine, reform public administration; law enforcement.

- Provide support to the local population loyal to Ukraine, so that people don’t feel abandoned;

- Provide reliable and effective protection of land and sea borders between Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, which have effective border guards and border control; focus on creating the conditions under which Russia will perform and sign an agreement on the delimitation and demarcation of the state border;

- Establish a system to overcome the consequences of Russian state propaganda;

- Develop a positive, fair and objective image of Ukraine.

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