The Mohyla School of Journalism is a unique educational center that combines theoretical training, practical experience, and research in mass communications, film, and journalism.

The purpose of the School is to develop the media and mass communications industry, and to train a new generation of professional journalists able to lead this development.

The school offers a curriculum that includes master’s (MA) and doctorate (PhD) programs in Journalism, a “Digital Future of Journalism” professional education program for media professionals, and a “Digital Media Universities” qualification program for teachers of journalism in universities.

The Mohyla School of Journalism alumni work at the leading news outlets and publications:

• National Geographic Ukraine • Ukrainian Week • Young Ukraine • EuroNews (France) • Deutsche Welle Radio (Germany) • Voice of America (USA) • 5 Chanal • STB • World service of Radio Ukraine • Ukrainian service of BBC • Voice of Ukraine • First National ch. • Radio Liberty/Free Europe • 1+1 • Tonis • Ukrainska Pravda • • • PRP Ukraine • М-1 Ukraine • NewsOne • Kyiv Post • Tvi Full list

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