New Law on Higher Education

Effectively brings about higher education reform

The approval by Ukraine’s Parliament of a new law on higher education has been welcomed in Ukraine as a major success for the Ministry of Education, the National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy, and the education community in Ukraine.

NaUKMA, under the leadership of Dr. Serhiy Kvit, the university’s president and current minister of education, and Dr. Vyacheslav Bryukhovetsky, its honorary president, working together, with Dr. Lilia Hrynevych, Head of the Parliamentary Committee on Education, and Mykhailo Zhurovsky, rector of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, who became the head of the Committee for the Reform Legislation on Higher Education, along with experts in education reform, had a leading role in bringing about the new law.

Kyiv Mohyla Foundation of America, with colleagues in Canada, who formed a group of experts under the leadership of Dr. Roman Petryshyn, also helped to promote this legislative change through the last 4 years.

The New Law Includes:

Provisions for many reforms that will bring Ukrainian universities into compliance with the Bologna Agreement, will recognize foreign degrees, decentralize administration and simplify the bureaucracy, allow more control to universities and expand student self-governance, and will promote transparency.

The assistance of members of the Ukrainian diaspora in promoting this educational change are recognized and appreciated.

This new law replaces the initial version of the bill that was developed by the Ministry of Education in 2010 under the Yanukovych Administration and was widely criticized by the academic community. The Ukrainian student movement has taken to streets since then and effectively prevented the adoption of similar laws:


The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has adopted a new edition of the law “On higher education.”

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A total of 276 MPs voted in favor of the law out of 337 registered in the session hall of the parliament on Tuesday.

The law sets principles and means of realization of state policy on higher education, higher education levels and degrees, higher education administrative agencies and their authority, standards of education, licensing procedures for higher education establishments, and accreditation procedures for specialties, as well as foundations for creating a unified state electronic database on education issues.

According to the law, accreditation levels of higher education establishments will be eliminated, academic and first scientific degree – the Doctor of Philosophy will be implemented, and National Agency on Higher Education Quality and independent agencies for assessment and ensuring higher education quality will be created.

The law foresees measures of students’ social protection, additional measures for scientific work of higher education establishments and possibility to involve business’ assets for higher education development.

According to the law, the universities are allowed to work with intangible assets in the form of intellectual property and create networks of regional research universities.

According to Chairperson of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Science and Education Lilia Hrynevych (Batkivschyna faction), a total of 959 amendments were made during the preparation for the second reading.

“This bill became even more systematic… Ukraine needs systematic changes,” Hrynevych said.

According to her, the law effectively brings about higher education reform.


Read the article by Volodymyr Morenets, Acting President of NaUKMA (in Ukrainian):

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