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Attorney Halyna Traversa established an endowment in her name for the benefit of Kyiv-Mohyla School of Law. Annual proceeds from the endowment are earmarked for scholarships and fellowships in perpetuity. We are grateful to Ms. Traversa for her initiative and hope that her example will be followed by others who wish to leave a legacy in their name to Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

Halyna Traversa ​received a B.S with honors in political science from Loyola University of Chicago, and a M.A.i​n political science from the Un​iversity of Illinois Urbana. ​ After working in a variety of positions she continued her studies in law and received her Juris Doctor degree. During her career as a lawyer, she spent three years with a premier law firm in Chicago, was Senior International Counsel with Abbott Laboratories, a multi-national health care company, where she spent six years with wide-ranging responsibilities, primarily in the Far East, and worked at Motorola for seven years as Senior International Counsel, structuring joint ventures between Motorola and various foreign partners. She represented both Abbott and Motorola in negotiating joint ventures in Ukraine. In her last position before retiring, Ms. Traversa was general counsel at Rexam Beverage Can Company of North America. After retiring, she continued to provide consulting on international commercial legal issues to a number of health care companies.

She is very interested in promoting the rule of law, due process, and democratic principles in Ukraine through the education of young people as lawyers, where they can serve as advocates for freedom and democracy in Ukraine. In addition to her legal work, Ms. Traversa has served as board member of the Friends of Chernobyl Centers US, an American NGO which provided help to five social service rehabilitation centers established initially by the UN in the Chornobyl Zones, and during that time was primarily instrumental in shipping two large containers of medical supplies to a hospital in an affected zone.

​For further information on the Endowment Program, please contact Marta Farion at 773-490-9797 or

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