In June 2017, Dr. Serhiy Bogdanov represented the Kyiv-Mohyla Centre for Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Washington DC at the Conference of the Ukrainian Medical Association of North America.

The conference focused on “Rehabilitation and reintegration – help Ukrainians help themselves”. The conference was dedicated to the rehabilitation and reintegration of people suffering from PTSD affected by war in Eastern Ukraine.

Dr. Serhiy Bogdanov, Director of the Kyiv-Mohyla Centre for Mental Health and Psychosocial Support, delivered the presentation, “Psychological support of school children in the east of Ukraine: scientific evidence”. The goal was to show the context in which families live in eastern Ukraine, the programs developed and provided by the NaUKMA team for effective support, and the research work in this area by the NaUKMA Centre for Mental Health and Psychological Support. Dr. Namrita Singh from Johns Hopkins University, who has been working with the NaUKMA Center on various projects, also presented her research work and joint research activities with the NaUKMA Center in their work aimed to implement their mental health program for adult Internally Displaced Persons and ATO veterans. Both Dr. Bogdanov and Dr. Singh participated in a panel on this topic. Kyiv Mohyla Foundation participated as one of the sponsors.

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