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The Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation named five most successful reforms in Ukraine. A panel of experts named healthcare, decentralization, anti-corruption, education, and government administration as the areas that were most successful in implementing reforms. Three alumni of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy have played a leading role in Ukraine’s national reform process. Congratulations to these leaders and congratulations to Kyiv-Mohyla Academy for educating a new generation of leaders.



Tetiana Kovtun – Government Administration
Deputy State Secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine


Leading reformers - TKTetiana Kovtun has been a key promoter of implementation of reforms in government administration in the areas of pension, healthcare, justice, education, decentralization and public finance. “We already have a model that we see as optimal: each ministry will have a mandate of 5-7 public policies for which a ministry is responsible, and in each of these areas – a corresponding directorate to deal with the development of policies, legislative drafting, assessment of policy and coordination of resources,” she explained. Responsibilities and functions of each ministry will be outlined by a working group made of representatives of these ministries and external experts. The task of the Secretariat of the Cabinet will be to integrate the ministries’ analytics so that their policies are coordinated and meet the priorities and objectives of the government. Ministries must become a kind of analytical centers and project offices of reforms.




Pavlo Kovtonyuk – Healthcare
Deputy Minister of Healthcare of Ukraine


Leading reformers -2

Pavlo Kovtonyuk, NaUKMA graduate in Social Work 2006, Management in Public Health 2008, and alumnus of the Open World Program, has been serving in the Ministry headed by Acting Minister Ulana Suprun. He has worked on implementing reforms of the healthcare insurance system in Ukraine and promoting necessary legislation that was adopted by Parliament in 2018. One of the changes provided by these laws is setting out the list of medical services, medical devices and pharmaceuticals to be financed from the state budget under a specific budget program and provided to patients free of charge.


Gennadiy Zubko – Decentralization
Deputy Prime Minister for Regional Development, Construction and Housing


Leading reformers- GZ

Gennadiy Zubko, MBA from KMBS 2007, has been implementing decentralization reform that involves changes in education, health, social policy, public administration, local authorities, development of urban infrastructure, as well as energy efficiency measures. He stated, “Decentralization is not what the government or parliament want. It is the people who want greater autonomy and demand to be given more powers”, The decentralization reform, one of the key reforms of Ukraine’s public sector, keeps more taxes in the regions and grants more powers to local communities in terms of taxes disposition.

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