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In 2018, Victoria (Victoriia) Romaniuk has been appointed Deputy Director of the Kyiv-Mohyla School of Journalism. Since 2015, Ms. Romaniuk held the position of deputy director of the StopFake project, and editor of the Russian service of StopFake.

Ms. Romaniuk is the former head of the Program on Media Communications at Ukrainian Catholic University.

With a doctoral candidate degree in Cultural Studies, Ms. Romaniuk is an expert on media. She has been a participant and speaker at international conferences of organizations such as OSCE and NATO on the topics of propaganda and media influence.

She is a member of the working group “Learn to Discern” a new educational program on methods and development of media education, a partnership project of IREX, the Ukrainian government’s department on administrative personnel, and StopFake. This major nation-wide program is financed by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, the Embassy of the United States, and the British Embassy.

The program includes learning methods of critical analysis, instruments for verification of information, and use of media discourse as a method of analysis in various disciplines. “Learn to Discern” is a major success program of the StopFake team and the Kyiv Mohyla School of Journalism. The pilot program has been implemented in four cities of Ukraine: Dnipro (13 schools), Mariupol (13 shcools), Ternopil (12 schools), Chernihiv (12 schools). The goal is to include 47,500 students and 2,900 teachers to teach critical thinking and the ability to verify and analyze information beginning in school age children.

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