On January 24, NaUKMA was pleased to welcome an “American with the soul of a Ukrainian”, Professor of Medicine at the University of Illinois, visiting professor of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, and author, Daniel Hryhorczuk, who flew in to personally present his 2017 book Myth and Madness, which has recently been translated into Ukrainian.

Daniel Hryhorczuk was born in 1950 in Champaign, Illinois. Since the 1980s, he’s been visiting Ukraine to research rare diseases in Chernivtsi, Kyiv, Komsomolsk, Kamyanske, and Mariupol. He has received commendations from the City of Chicago, the White House, and the Ukrainian government for his work on social and health issues in Ukraine.


The Director of the NaUKMA’s Library, Tetyana Chorna, welcomed all the attendees and expressed her gratitude for the special presentation at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. Ihor Poshyvaylo, the translator of Myth and Madness, mentioned that the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy has a special place in the book–the university is mentioned multiple times throughout the novel.


Why NaUKMA? Dr. Daniel Hryhorczuk has been teaching there for some time, and long ago fell in love with the university. He said that NaUKMA is known in the West, and that he even “started” the “Secret Society of Skovoroda” in his novel.

Dr. Hryhorczuk is a long-standing Member of the Board of Directors of Kyiv Mohyla Foundation of America and a generous supporter of NaUKMA.

The Director of Clio Publishing, Vera Solovyova, said that Myth and Madness serves as an effective de facto cultural ambassador for Ukraine beyond its borders.


Photos by maidanmuseum.org Source (in Ukrainian): Student news

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