The research work titled “General Legal Assessment of the Maidan Events: the Legitimacy and Legality,” conducted by two 4th year students of the Law Sciences Faculty at NaUKMA, Mariana Postolovska and Mykhailo Yanyshivskyi, was recognized as the best in the All-Ukrainian competition of research student works in honor of the Hero of the Heavenly Hundred, Serhiy Kemsky.

The competition was held from November 1, 2018, through February 10, 2019, and received applications from 37 participants from 13 Ukrainian universities. The winning projects will be published on the Ukrayinska Pravda news website.

The study offers a legal assessment, in accordance with the legal and philosophical doctrines, general principles of law, international law, and the Constitution and laws of Ukraine.

It was established that the protesters on the Maidan exercised the right to peaceful assembly, the right of the nation’s self-determination, and the right of the people to an uprising.

1-4The use of force by protesters and the seizure of administrative buildings, in general, are characterized in criminal law as the necessary defense justified in an emergency.

The study crystallizes the clear position that the Euromaidan–through the prism of legality and legitimacy–was a clear example of the realization of the nation’s right to self-determination, and that the events not only changed the course of politics, but also created the preconditions for profound, qualitative changes in society.


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