Graduates of the economic, humanities, and legal specialties of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy are recognized as having the best qualifications, and employers prefer NaUKMA graduates over other schools, and are willing to pay higher than average market salaries.

According to the annual salary rating of the graduates of Ukrainian schools conducted by Money magazine, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy was designated as the best school for economists, the humanities, and lawyers.

“You can find graduates of NaUKMA in almost all international companies and organizations, and leading employers almost unconditionally prefer students of the Academy when recruiting apprentices,” says Valeria Kazadarova, Head of the NaUKMA Strategic Development Department, owner of a staffing agency, and a graduate of NaUKMA (1999).

The magazine has been conducting this research for over ten years, and NaUKMA’s standings have improved: in 2017, the Academy took third place in economic and legal specialties, but now leads the rankings in these categories. Over many years, NaUKMA continues to lead in the humanities category.

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