Come together as ONE Kyiv Mohyla Community A word from Acting President Tetiana Yaroshenko

Welcome and Greetings to Winter Semester 2021!

I hopeWinter on Campus you are all healthy and safe. We entered this year in a changed world. Covid-19 changed how we live and work. As we wear our masks and keep distance from one another, we still cannot be together on campus at our beloved Academia. Despite the difficulties, we learned to use technology to bring us together, and keep our Kyiv Mohyla community united as one. We are committed to safeguard the health of our own university community and of those around us.

Last year Kyiv-Mohyla Academy established the Center of Quality Assurance of Education and the Center of Electronic Education to help our students and faculty members navigate through online interactive new methods and programs. These Centers, along with the university’s School of Computer Technology, partnering with faculty members, administration, and student organizations played a crucial role in providing a secure online learning and research environment.

Classes have been online, but beginning on March 1st, classes will resume on campus for students of physics, chemistry, biology, and at our laboratories. Other classes will continue online. Blended learning has been our goal for years, and we are working toward finding the right solutions to education in our new reality. Conferences, administration meetings, presentations have also taken place online.

Our university established health protocols, logistics, resources, monitoring and procedures to make sure that safe learning is taking place. Temperature screening is taken at the entrance to buildings on campus, and masks and distancing are required.

NaUKMA established a fund to provide financial medical assistance and psychological rehabilitation to those who have been stricken with Coronavirus-19. In addition, the students also established their own fund.

I thank the members of our faculty for adjusting to online teaching, and for their flexibility, innovation, and empathy related to the physical and emotional issues faced by students. Academic work in all disciplines continued. I thank all university colleagues who came together at this time to face our responsibilities together. We are open to hear from our students and faculty and respond to their needs.

I also wish to thank all the students and their parents for their cooperation and patience at this challenging time. And last but not least, I wish to express my appreciation to all the friends and donors who supported our efforts last year, and continued to donate to our programs, student scholarship, and fellowships.

The efforts of our professors, students, administration and their pursuit of knowledge during this this pandemic fill me with optimism about the future I’m hopeful that this coming year will bring out the best in all of us and that we will embrace spring and summer with renewed energy and new ideas.

Winter Mazepa Building on Campus

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