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Kateryna Gornostai graduated from Kyiv-Mohyla Academy with a bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Master’s degree in Journalism. In an interview with the newspaper Den, she explained her unusual academic choices. She said that she applied to study journalism, but as journalism was available only at the master’s level, she signed up for biology for an undergraduate degree. During her studies at the School of Journalism, she discovered her love of documentary films. And then, she embarked on studies with filmmakers.

Her new film Stop-Zemlia was featured at the 2021 Berlinale, the Berlin International Film Festival. The film received excellent reviews. This international debut from a Ukrainian director marks the beginning of a promising career. Congratulations to Kateryna on her success.

Two hours long, the film Stop-Zemlia, explores the contours of teenagehood, dipping in and out of musical sequences, magical realism, and intersecting storylines; even allowing the love interest full autonomy instead of mere idealization. Fictional scenes are intercut with documentary-style interviews, with characters asked questions by an unseen director, allowing for further development of their feelings and more mature development of their emotions. Characters’ names are almost the same or simply diminutives of their actors (Masha for Maria, for example), blurring the lines between performer and character to excellent effect.


Kateryna Hornostay

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