Kyiv-Mohyla Academy – Reborn in 1991

viacheslav_briukhovetskyAfter centuries of suppression during the Russian Empire and then Soviet rule, the Kyiv Mohyla Academy was re-established in 1991. Since that time, the University has been guided by the vision of providing the highest order of education to a new generation of future leaders of Ukraine. This vision inspired establishing an institution of higher learning modeled on academic freedom and the highest international standards of academic excellence.

The task of re-establishing the University required starting from the beginning. First, there was the need to regain control of a campus that was state-controlled for military use and then rebuilding and renovating destroyed ancient buildings. Next, highly qualified faculty, students and administrators had to be obtained, a new model for a curriculum of international recognition and equivalency had to be established, and a library had to be re-created. Finally, there was the need to take all the necessary steps for official accreditation, and seek funding to sustain the University. In spite of monumental difficulties, with the support of donors, the University became a premier educational institution and gained international recognition. These accomplishments in a brief period of time have been inspiring.

Since 1991, the Kyiv Mohyla Academy pioneered many educational initiatives in Ukraine. It was the first educational institution to establish anonymous entrance exams and vigorously advocate for the reform of the educational systems at the national level through the Ministry of Education. With the leadership of its first president, Vyacheslav Bryukhovetsky, and its second and current president Serhiy Kvit, the University advocated for the principle of academic freedom and university autonomy and it defended this position in the national legislative process on behalf of all higher education in Ukraine.

Kyiv Mohyla Academy

The University established the first School of Public Health and the first Ph.D. program modeled on western university practices. The Ph.D. initiative is revolutionary for Ukraine’s higher education system, as it represents a radical departure from Soviet-era higher education and research. The University led the way in establishing collaboration with academic and non-academic institutions and with promoting the right of universities to be recognized as research institutions. These and other initiatives were pioneering first steps in a post-Soviet country.

Kyiv-Mohyla Academy students continuously receive awards and scholarships from national and international organizations. They participate in numerous international exchange programs with universities throughout the world. Graduates of the University are in high demand and are placed in responsible positions in government, law firms, business enterprises and non-profit organizations. Some graduates have been asked to establish new programs at other Ukrainian universities to emulate Kyiv-Mohyla Academy’s reforms.

One of the University’s greatest achievements has been the establishment of a modern Library, with a collection that includes over 650 thousand printed books, over 50 thousand electronic titles, 85 donated archival collections and over 50 private printed books collections, bearing the names of individual donors. The Library hosts approximately 1,850 visitors daily. It serves students, faculty and visitors. We are proud to share some of the key achievements of the University in the last few years.

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